Khairy Should Choose Between Polo or Politics

Today Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin spoke about certain political leaders who, in his mind, need to retire. I think his reasons for their retirement is flawed.

In our Malaysian context which is that of a maturing democracy, the benchmark for continuing to be in politics is be the ability of the person to serve the best interests of the people and the nation. So when a politician is seen to be serving the narrow interests of his or her own party or even worse his or her own personal desires, or when the politician is seen to be doing the nation a great disservice or – more crudely – stolen from the people, then that person must retire.

That’s why I think Khairy has trained his “guns” on the wrong side of the political aisle. Members and leaders of the Federal Opposition are not the ones to have been alluded to in international financial scandals, or enabled the share value of FGV to fall to historic lows, or created the environment whereby billions of ringgit were allegedly siphoned out of the Sabah Water Department. I can go on. And these are the politicians that Khairy should be urging to retire, for a better Malaysia.

Therefore I believe it is high time that Khairy, who has neither said anything about the ongoing 1MDB mega scandal nor mobilized UMNO Youth to protest the “political interference” of the DoJ as claimed by the Attorney-General, seriously reconsider his career options. 

Khairy should choose to either be a unifying political leader and bring the necessary change Malaysians are clamouring for, or retire from politics and focus on his polo career. To be part of the Malaysian polo team is obviously a major endeavour, and surely he needs to focus and constantly train with the polo team in order to compete and win in the upcoming SEA Games.

So, Khairy, which will you choose?

Fahmi Fadzil
KEADILAN Communications Director

9 July 2017